As I mentioned previously, Egami Karate-do consists of three methods which are the Karate technique of Master Gichin, Heiho Shinwatai-do of Master Inoue, and the paramount "do" that Master Egami sought.  Let me clarify the three methods of Egami Karate-do.

Definition of "Jyutsu" (Technique), "Ho" and "Do"

There are many tactics and techniques in Karate.  Practicing Karate-do begins with realizing and leaning these techniques. One must start by listening, reading, watching and imitating the techniques. In order to use the techniques, you must continue to practice. However, even while practicing repeatedly, one would not be able to successfully use the techniques as long as one trains using one’s own style. So long as one continues to learn in an incorrect way, one may result in different route and never master the techniques.

Comparing Karate with mountain climbing, we can imagine that each summit of a mountain is like the essence of a technique and the way to the top of mountain is like the training and practice. The route to the summit that our seniors have cleared is the route we are supposed to follow. We call the route "Ho". Once we stand at the top of a mountain, we will find that there are many other ways to the summit. That’s the basic idea of "Do" or "the way"; it is shapeless and has something in common with everything. There is a route ("Ho") to master a technique, and "Do" is a shapeless thing that have various routes.

The "Do" that we try to master, through practicing various techniques, to reach the summit of a mountain is universal. In order to reach the "Do", we don’t have to climb a specific mountain. Even when we walk along a flat street, "Do" is constantly involved.  As we live through life, as we accept daily life accordingly and practice Karate, this becomes a mastering course of the "Do".  Thus, someday our won bodies will learn the "Do" through experience and we will consciously feel the "Do" and we will thereby become able to assimilate "Do".

Our daily life adjusts to the way of the "Do" of Karate-do.  Practicing techniques that do not coincide with a way naturally is neither the correct way of using techniques nor of practicing Karate.

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