"Karate-do (pronounced doh) was founded by Master Gichin Funakoshi. According to Karate-do Kyohan (Karate-do textbook), authored by Master Gichin, karate was originally written in Ekkin-kyo. Daruma, founder of Zen Buddhism in India, published Ekkin-kyo and then it was transferred to Ryukyu (Okinawa) by way of China. It developed as a characteristic Okinawan karate through earnest practice. Master Gichin improved the Okinawan Karate Jyutu (Karate technique) into Karate-do by incorporating the philosophical concept of emptiness.

Led by Master Gichin, Master Egami trained himself and was spiritually awakened when he encountered Master Inoue's Shinwatai-do (a kind of martial art, similar to Aiki-do). Egami Karate-do clarified the direction, the way and the technique of Karate.

Master Egami's Karate-do is often called "Shotokai", "Egami Karate" or "Master Egami's Practice" in foreign countries ans is recognized as a distinct Karate-do. Master Egami authored "Karate-do for the Specialist" and "The Heart of Karate-do", in which Master Egami showed the method of learning Karate-do. His teaching stressed that a student should be relaxed, thoroughly weak and friendly to the others yet still practicing intensively so that each Karate blow works efficiently.

Succeeding Master Gichin, Master Egami rebuilt the main Shotokan Dojo and in the same of Shotokai Karate-do, he made great efforts in expanding and developing Karate-do while teaching his own style. He died in 1981 at the age of sixty eight.

After Master Egami passed away, many followers have been individually training diligently for more than sixteen years while studying the textbooks of Master Egami. The followers are comparing methods to ensure that they continue Master Egami's teachings rather than teaching their own individual styles.

Nevertheless, there are two currents in Shotokai. One consists of those who precisely follow Master Gichin's method, and the other consists of those who practice the Karate-do method newly revised by Master Egami. It is now the time when the two should part and practice Karate separately. We have established "Nippon Karate-do Yutenkai". This is where comrades can join and study karate-do (the way of attaining enlightenment or improving one's character through traditional training).

Once we created the "Nippon Karate-do Yutenkai", we came to believe that we should clarify our Karate-do., we will take this opportunity to show our purpose, tactics and how we practice. we are convinced that whether the "DO" can be accomplished or not depends on whether Egami Karate-do followers can live in a just or honest master in our society.