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Great Master Shigeru Egami

Boarn in 1912 in Omurota-city in Fukuoka Prefecture.
He began to practicing Karate while a student at Waseda University, whose Karate club he helped to establish. In 1937, he was appointed by Gichin Funakoshi to the Shoto-kan's commitee for evaluation; after the Second World War he studied under Master Funakoshi and assisted him in teaching. Formerly manager of Waseda University's karate club and lecturer in physical education at the University he has also taught karate at Gakuchuin, Toho, and Chuo Universities and has been active in establishing a number of karate organizations both in Jaoan and overseas. Among his books in English is Karate-do: For the Specialist.

According to Master Funakoshi's will (he passed away in 1957), Master Egami rebuit Nihon Karate-do Shotokai headquarters dojo "Shoto-kan" at Shibaura in Tokyo and he was recommended for promotion to the Director of Shoto-kan in 1975.

Master Egami passed aways at age of 68 on Jan. 10th in 1981.